bathroom vinyl

When choosing the right floor for your bathroom, there may seem like an endless list of choices. In order to be effective, bathroom flooring should be able to stand up to all of the elements of a working bathroom and last for a number of years without spoiling.

Bathroom vinyl flooring is the ideal choice for fitting flooring in your bathroom as it has a number of fantastic qualities that make it ideally suited to purpose, add to this the incredible choice afforded by vinyl floor coverings for bathrooms and you’ll find a stylish, hard-wearing bathroom floor that will last a lifetime. Here are just some of the top benefits of fitting bathroom vinyl flooring in your home.

1. Bathroom Vinyl Flooring is Incredibly Easy to Keep Clean

When it comes to bathroom flooring, the last thing you want to be doing is spending an excessive amount of time keeping it clean. One of the biggest benefits of bathroom vinyl flooring is how incredibly easy it is to keep clean. The naturally waterproof surface is quick and simple to clean and doesn’t take any specialist cleaning equipment to tackle.

2. Bathroom Vinyl is Exceptionally Durable

Unlike some bathroom flooring options, waterproof vinyl flooring for bathrooms is fantastically durable. Our luxury vinyl flooring for bathrooms is designed and created to withstand years of domestic use, no matter what life throws at it. So you can trust that your bathroom vinyl flooring will still be performing well for years to come.

3. It is Designed to be Completely Waterproof as Standard

If you have had bad experiences with bathroom flooring in the past, you may have noticed that some types of flooring don’t do well in wet environments and can start to show damage after some time of use. With waterproof vinyl flooring for bathrooms however, you can rest easy knowing that your bathroom floor is completely waterproof and won’t be damaged by the inevitable splashes and condensation created in your bathroom environment. This makes it perfect for wetrooms of all shapes and sizes.

4. Bathroom Vinyl Can Be Fitted Over Most Existing Floor Surfaces

If you are worried about installing vinyl flooring in your bathroom, perhaps because of an older floor that is difficult to cover up, you will be pleased to know that our luxury vinyl flooring for bathrooms can be fitted on practically any surface.

5. It’s Quick to Fit for an Easy Update to Your Bathroom

Having your bathroom floor fitted can be a long and arduous task involving a lot of upheaval in your home. Vinyl flooring for bathrooms however is quick and easy to install so you can get back to using your bathroom much quicker than with other types of fitted flooring. It is also easy to change meaning that if you decide in the future you want to give your bathroom flooring a new look, changing your bathroom vinyl is simple too.

6. Luxury Vinyl in Your Bathroom is Non-Slip

Needless to say, when looking for bathroom flooring for your home you want to make sure that it is completely safe for both you and your family. Our luxury waterproof vinyl flooring for bathrooms is designed to be naturally non-slip to reduce accidents and give you peace of mind. Our water-resistant click flooring creates an easy-to-grip floor surface to reduce the risk of slipping on surfaces that may become wet during normal bathroom usage.

7. Colours for Every Taste – Create Your Dream Bathroom

If you have a particular style in mind for your bathroom, it can sometimes be difficult to find the perfect floor to match. With our bathroom vinyl flooring collection however, you will find a wide range of colours to choose from to create your dream bathroom with less hassle. So, whether you are looking for striking greys or ice whites, deep walnut or whitewash pine, we have a stylish vinyl flooring option to suit you.

8. Looking for Stone or Wooden-Look Floors? Luxury Vinyl is Available in Both!

If you are looking for a high-quality stone or wood-look flooring, you may think you need to go for the real thing. With impressive qualities such as being natural waterproof and completely durable, our luxury vinyl flooring for bathrooms gives you the best of both worlds when it comes to installing flooring in your bathroom. We offer a wide range of quality wood-look flooring as well as a large selection of stone-effect vinyl flooring so you can get the style you are looking for in your bathroom for less whilst benefitting from all of the fantastic features bathroom vinyl flooring can give you.

9. Luxury Bathroom Vinyl Flooring is Ultra-Long-Lasting

Our luxury bathroom vinyl flooring will far outlast any types of laminate flooring or cheaper types of flooring you may be tempted to fit in your bathroom space. We’re so confident your bathroom vinyl will stand the test of time that we offer a 20-year residential guarantee to ensure that your bathroom flooring lasts as long as you need it to.

10. No Compromise on Quality

With highly realistic wood detailing and no compromise when it comes to using the highest quality materials, our luxury bathroom vinyl flooring can give you the high-quality effect of other flooring types at a fraction of the cost and will stand the test of time. Our ultra-modern slate effect flooring is created to match the look of the real thing whilst our other stone-effect bathroom flooring tiles will give you a realistic stone look to your bathroom floor without the time, expense and inconvenience of having to fit real stone floors.

If you are looking at installing vinyl flooring in your bathroom, you may expect high wet room vinyl flooring costs. However, our luxury wet room vinyl and bathroom vinyl flooring is designed to be fantastic value for money with outstanding qualities that ensure a long life. If you are looking for bathroom vinyl flooring for your home, take a look at our extensive luxury vinyl flooring collection for a waterproof, non-slip flooring that doesn’t compromise on style.

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