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Whether you are looking to freshen up your kitchen or give your bathroom a new look, wall panels can be a stylish addition to your room. Easy to maintain and stunning to look at, your wall panels can help you to truly personalise any room.

When deciding to use wall panelling or tiles in your home, there are a number of solutions. Here are some of our top reasons to choose wall panels.

1. Wall Panels are Quicker and Easier to Install Than Tiles

Created using modern technology, wall panels are a simple way to give your kitchen or bathroom walls a makeover. Avoid messy grouting and mould issues with waterproof wall panels as a great alternative to tiles.

2. You Won’t Need to Compromise on Choice

Choose from a massive range of decorative wall panels from marble effect to sparkle to even brick or wood effect panels. With wall panelling, you have a much broader choice than traditional tiles meaning you can make your room look exactly how you want it to, with no restrictions on style.

3. Wall Panels Are Fully Waterproof

If you are using wall panelling for your kitchen, shower room or bathroom, you need not worry about splashback or wet environments. Waterproof wall panels are ideal for wet environments and perfect for avoiding unpleasant mould between tiles. This makes them a fantastic tile alternative.

4. You Can Install Wall Panels Over Existing Tiles

If you are concerned about removing your tiles to make space for a wall panel tile alternative, the great news is cladding panels can be fitted right over existing tiles as well as being fitted on to your bare wall. This makes choosing wall panels a win-win situation.

5. Wall Panels Are Easier to Clean Then Tiles

Avoid the messy grouting and cleaning-between-tiles of traditional wall tiles. Simply wipe down your wall panels with warm soapy water for an instant clean. Decorative wall panels create the perfect home decor effect without the hassle needed to clean tiles.

6. You Can Fit Them Yourself

When choosing between wall panels and tiles, convenience is definitely on the side of wall panels. Use our handy wall panel fitting guide and wall and calculator to install your wall panelling yourself in a third of the time it would take to add normal wall tiles.

7. Wall Panels Are Much Lower Maintenance

When it comes to wall coverings such as tiles, you will often need specific cleaning products and will have to spend time periodically doing tasks such as grouting or ridding them of mould.

With wall panels as a tile alternative, all you will need is a diluted cleaning solution and a cloth whenever your walls seem like they need a clean. Wall panels are waterproof and mould-free so are ultra-hygienic.

8. You Can Have Both (Almost)

Still deciding between wall panels or tiles? If you like the look of tiles but want the convenience of wall panels then why not opt for tile-effect panels?

These are available in a high-gloss finish to give a modern look to any kitchen, bathroom or more without the maintenance required from the installation or upkeep of real tiles.

9. Try Something Different

If you are looking for a brand-new look to make your room stand out, wall panels offer a world of choice. Keep it classic with white or black marble, add a splash of fun with sparkle wall panels or make the ultimate statement with modern slate wall panelling. You could even choose from a range of brick-effect wall panels to make your walls unique.

10. They May Work Out Cheaper

As an alternative to ceramic tiles, waterproof wall panels could work out as a cost-effective alternative. This means that you can update your look with ease, without breaking the bank. If you enjoy the freedom of being able to redecorate whenever you like, Wall panels are a great option and could be cheaper to replace.

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