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With the housing boom and new build estates springing up in almost every town, it can sometimes seem like your beautiful new build home lacks the character of older buildings and looks just that little bit too similar to the other houses on your estate. We’ve pulled together some brilliant ways wall panels can help add character to your new build no matter what type of style you have.

Adding Character to a New Build

If you are heading online to help generate ideas on how to add character to your new build, you’ll find endless inspiration to help you plan your new build decor. From wallpaper to barn doors, there are plenty of ways to add a unique spin to your new home.

Fixing Plain White Walls in a New Build

One of the problems that often comes with moving into a new build is the plain white walls that get left behind. Whilst the show homes may have been decorated in the latest styles, your brand new walls can sometimes look just like that, brand new. However, this can be the perfect base to create your completely unique home with a blank canvas ready for you to throw all of your ideas at it.

Whilst rustic walls may seem out of reach in your new home, wall panels can be the perfect way to create an instant homely look in any room. Instead of the hassle of ripping out any plasterboard or covering over brick walls, your existing walls are ready for a quick and easy transformation using only wall panels and your ideas.

Creating a Rustic Look in a New Build

If Country Living magazines have got you dreaming of brick fireplace surrounds or wooden walls to create a more industrial look, this will be a breeze with luxury wall panels specially designed to look like the real thing. Light wood panels can be perfect for creating a country rustic look in your kitchen or living space with the added benefit of their waterproof nature making them easy to clean and suitable for any room.

If you are looking for another way to create a rustic look in your new build for less, luxury wood-look flooring is the perfect way to add the luxury of real wood-look floors in your new build home without breaking the bank. Dark barn oak effect floors are a fantastic way to give an understated look to any room in your new home.

What Other Types of Wall Panels Are There?

There are endless ways of adding character to a new build no matter what your style. New build decor can be as modern or as traditional as you like with the right tools. With incredible versatility, vinyl wall panels are perfect for every part of your home. Whilst your new build bathroom may be sparkling, if you want to add a unique style, wall panels are ideal for bathrooms and wet rooms as they are resistant to moisture, easy to clean and require very little upkeep to last for a number of years.

When it comes to adding glamour to your home, why not opt for white marble walls in your bathroom? Alternatively, black marble wall panels can create a fantastic feature wall in your wet room or any other space that needs a bit of glamour. If you are looking for a more traditional look, tile effect wall panels are an excellent way to save the hassle of grouting and laying tiles on your walls and come in a variety of sizes and colours.

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