Sometimes you might feel a room is wonderful, but not quite perfect. In these cases, maybe you’ve used our exquisite bathroom cladding, but you haven’t quite completed the look with a ceiling panel yet! Ceiling paneling can really bring the room together, ensuring that every inch of the space is beautifully decorated.

Ceiling panels are an excellent alternative solution to traditional kitchen or bathroom ceilings, which are susceptible to becoming unhygienic, damp, peeling, and mouldy. Our range of pvc ceiling panels, on the other hand, are waterproof and super easy to clean, making them ideally suited to any kitchen, ensuite, shower enclosure, or wet-room.

These waterproof ceiling panels are made from light weight plastic, and use a tongue and groove cladding system, meaning they are very quick and easy to install with minimal effort. And if you want to make sure your bathroom renovation is stylish too, don’t worry! Our pvc ceiling cladding is available in a range of colours and finishes, including classic white gloss, elegant white & silver, and contemporary black chrome.