brick effect wall panels

If you have been longing after a stylish brick effect wall don’t have the time, effort or resources to remodel your walls for that exposed brick wall look, our brick effect wall panels could be the perfect solution. With realistic texture and a range of colours or styles, here’s how and why you could create a faux brick wall look at home in no time at all.

Why Brick Effect Wall Panels?

If you want to create the look of exposed brickwork as part of your home’s style, there really isn’t a better option to choose than luxury faux brick wall panels. Luxury wall panels are naturally hard-wearing as standard and offer a water-proof nature as well as easy-clean qualities that make them ideal for any room in the house. So, if you want to create a brick effect wall in your kitchen, a cosy vibe with a faux brick wall in your living room, a modern exposed brick bathroom or any other room in the house, luxury brick effect wall panels are ideal.

Realistic Faux Brick with Impressive Detail

Each of our luxury faux brick wall panels is designed to be as realistic as possible with impeccable attention to detail to ensure an impressive exposed brick look, wherever you use our panels. Our 3-D faux brick wall panels create a realistic exposed brick look without the worry of mould or difficult cleaning.

A Range of Exposed Brick Looks

From white brick wall panels to stylish greys and rustic reds, your brick effect wall panel choices offer endless ways to switch up your home or office style. For rooms where space is key, our white brick effect tiles bring a brilliant lightness to the room whilst those looking for an understated modern look will find the perfect match in our Neptune Anthracite Brick Effect Wall Panels.

Create a Statement Look in your Home

Gone are the days of one wall style fits all. When looking for a way to really showcase your space, a statement wall of exposed brickwork is the perfect way to make your mark whilst retaining that sense of sophistication and style. Choose a wall that will stand out to add your brick effect and watch as it transforms your room. Alternatively, a faux brick fireplace wall or surround can create a wonderful cosy feeling in your home as an understated decor choice.

Pair Your Brick Wall With the Right Style Choices

If you are creating a faux brick wall look in your home, the good news is that this will already transform your room completely. To finish your look however, pair your brick wall panels with soft, natural vibes that won’t try to compete.

Natural wood looks are the ideal accompaniment to your faux exposed brick walls whilst striking whites and greys make for an extremely stylish and modern look when paired with our brick effect wall panels. When styling your brick wall panels, be sure to make a feature of it and plan your colours and furnishings accordingly for a wonderfully stylish space.

Choose High-Quality Brick-Effect Wall Panels

When choosing your faux brick wall panels, quality is everything. With realistic 3D detailing and a range of styles to choose from our luxury brick effect wall panels supply design as well as longevity to make sure you love your faux brick walls for years to come, without the hassle of heavy maintenance.

Take a look at our collection of faux brick wall panels now to find your new home inspiration. Alternatively, contact us online or by calling 01952 291903 to find out more about what we can offer you.