Bathrooms are notoriously one of the trickiest, most strenuous and downright messy rooms in the house to clean, so it is no wonder that a low maintenance bathroom design is the dream of thousands of men and women around the country world.

An easy clean bathroom will eradicate a lot of the physical strain that comes with scrubbing every millimetre of tile grout, it can save you hours of precious time that is better spent elsewhere and a big one for many, low maintenance bathrooms generally hold far fewer germs and zero mould and mildew that might otherwise remain in a standard bathroom in hard-to-reach areas.

But what is easy to clean bathroom design and how can you achieve this bathroom of dreams? HINT: It doesn’t compromise on style!

Wave Goodbye to Grout

Your first task on this mission to a low maintenance bathroom remodel is saying au revoir to every inch of grout possible. Everybody knows that grout is a breeding ground for dirt and grime to harbour in your bathroom, which is why the best easy-clean bathrooms use surfaces that require little to no grout.

Whether you banish traditional wall tiles altogether in favour of materials such as concrete, bathroom panels, stone and veneer, or opt for larger-scale bathroom tiles that require a fraction of grout, you could save yourself hours of cleaning time and even more hours of replacing old grout.

Installation of Shower Wall Panels

The use of waterproof shower panels in your bathroom is single-handedly the easiest way to speed up that Saturday-morning house clean. Shower panels are easy to install, do not require ANY grout and all waterproof bathroom wall panels are mould resistant, too.

Installing bathroom wall panels doesn’t mean compromising on the aesthetics of wall tiles. Tile effect bathroom wall panels are gaining more notoriety for their convenience, low-price and now their looks. You can buy bathroom wall coverings in many different textures, colours and finishes to suit the style of your home, such as wood, stone and slate; black, white or grey bathroom wall panels.

Unlike traditional bathroom wall tiles that necessitate rigorous elbow grease, tough bleaching and a good toothbrush scrub in the nooks and cranny’s, bathroom and shower walls with PVC easy clean wall panels only call for a light wipe with minimal cleaning products and almost NO elbow grease!

Stylish AND low maintenance shower walls; a winning combination.

Minimalist (or no) Glass Usage

Ditching a full, enclosed shower cubicle is not only great for the design and aesthetics purpose of your bathroom, but also a great way to achieve an easy to clean bathroom. A traditional shower cubicle attracts mould on the grout bordering the shower tray, gunk develops in tricky corners and on chrome frames and the glass on enclosed cubicles will eventually become permanently foggy.

If you are not a fan of walk-in showers and don’t want your entire bathroom to be saturated in water, you can opt for one single, frame-less glass shower screen that will help contain water, but also minimise mould, grime and cleaning time. You can even say goodbye to the shower tray by waterproofing your bathroom floor – which leads us on to…

Make Use of Waterproof Floor Panels

‘Tile-free’ and ‘waterproof’ should be what spring to mind when you think of easy to clean bathroom flooring. Similar to what we touched on with shower wall panels, low maintenance bathroom flooring follows the exact same principles.

Bathroom floor tiles can quickly become consumed with mould, dirt and mildew and having to regularly clean or replace the grout will not only take your hours but can be hard on your back in the process.

Waterproof floor panels are a stylish and easy way to maintain a low maintenance bathroom as they are mould-FREE, grout-free, and extremely durable; the only cleaning they will need is with a quick mop. Similarly to wall panels, bathroom floor panels come in a variety of textures and colours, allowing you to stay ahead of any interior trends!

Tactical Tile Placement

If you just can’t let go of bathroom tiles altogether, maybe you love the texture and individualism, be tactful when choosing where to place them. Choose areas that will not get wet and close to a source of ventilation to halt the growth of mould and mildew in the gaps and on the grout.

A good placement of tiles could be on the wall furthest away from your shower, or behind your sink, as these are areas that require minimal cleaning. Another hack for low maintenance bathroom tile cleaning is if do choose to tile the wall behind the sink, incorporate a bathroom splashback wall panel in the area that could endure splashes of water when people are washing their hands or brushing their teeth.

Minimalist or Wall-Mounted Taps

Taps are another tricky area that often causes grief when on your big bathroom cleaning spree. There are many small and tricky areas around a tap that can’t be properly cleaned and small gaps in the grout form, leaving you left with visible signs of mould even after a good scrubbing.

Using minimalist or wall-mounted taps help you on your way to achieving an easy to clean bathroom design as there is little or no grout and often no knobs and cogs that make cleaning difficult.  When taps are attached to the basin, it is often impossible to clean between the tap and the basin, and so wall-mounted taps will eliminate this frustrating cleaning issue!

There are countless other tips and tricks to utilise when planning your low maintenance bathroom remodel, we have merely touched the surface. You could consider skirted toilets, elevating as many items from the floor as possible and even a freestanding bathtub – all of which will help you shave off time when cleaning your bathroom.

The simplest and most effective way to begin your easy to clean bathroom design is through incorporating shower wall panels and waterproof bathroom floors. Browse our extensive collection today or call us on 01952 291 903 with any enquiries.