vinyl flooring

When choosing flooring in your home, there seems to be a never-ending battle between style and substance, what will look amazing and what will stand up to the tests of family life. Thankfully, there is a solution that can tick each box, a family-friendly flooring that looks good enough to grace the cover of any magazine.

Wooden Floors Without Worrying About Spills 

If you gaze in envy at wooden floors but shy away knowing the number of spills your floor faces would ruin that seamless look in no time, wood-effect luxury vinyl floor tiles could be the answer. Available in everything from dark barn oak wood effect flooring to whitewash pine wood effect floor, the choice is all yours. Create a cosy living room with realistic wood effect floors that are simple to care for and provide a non-slip flooring option with quick and simple installation.

Stone Floors Without Worrying About Falls

Ever wished you could recreate that dreamy stone floor look in your own kitchen? With stone look luxury vinyl floor tiles, you can create an iconic look without worrying about small children falling on solid stone floor tiles or elderly relatives slipping on wet bathroom floors. From glistening cement ice stone effect flooring to striking ocean slate effect luxury floor tiles, choose the stone effect flooring you have dreamed of, without worrying about the usual downsides of stone flooring.

Upgrade Your Bathroom With One-of-a-Kind Non-Slip Flooring

If you are looking for a way to give your bathroom some punch but need it to be safe for children or elderly relatives, luxury vinyl flooring is ideal. Offering stylish stone or wood effect flooring with a non-slip finish, luxury vinyl floor tiles are the perfect fit to modernise an outdated bathroom whilst remaining waterproof and safe for everyday use. Enjoy iced cement floors for an ethereal look or luxury oak effect floors that level up the comfort level of your bathroom, all with the added benefits that come with luxury vinyl flooring.

Stylish Flooring With Hidden Family-Friendly Features

Enjoy stylish, contemporary flooring that matches any style with a huge amount of hidden features that make it ideal for families of all ages. From ultra-quick installation over existing floor types making more time to enjoy your room as a family to an easy-clean water-resistant surface, luxury vinyl flooring even boasts non-slip features for complete peace of mind. Luxury vinyl wood flooring contains realistic wood detailing whilst stone vinyl flooring offers a striking stone effect surface that can create the perfect rustic or contemporary look in your home. We know that when it comes to flooring for your family, it needs to last, that’s why we offer a twenty year residential guarantee for all our luxury vinyl floors.

Find Your Perfect Family-Friendly Flooring

Find your perfect flooring now with our wide collection of wood and stone effect luxury vinyl flooring. We provide ultra-low-maintenance flooring that is perfect for families of all ages whilst remaining stylish and offering a plethora of options to choose from. Take a look at our luxury vinyl flooring collection here or get in touch now to get started.