wall panel trims

Luxury wall panels can help take your home from drab to sophisticated in no time at all with styles available to perfectly complement every room in your home from wet rooms to living rooms. Wall panels trims are key to creating the perfect finish to your wall panelling and come in a range of colours and styles to suit your room. Take a look at our guide on how to choose the right wall panel trims for your home.

Why Should I Use Wall Panel Trims?

Whilst wall panel trims are not completely essential to fitting your wall panels, they can help create a smooth and polished look you won’t find otherwise. Using wall panel trims to fit your bathroom wall panels can also help seal the corners of your bathroom wall panels and prevent water and condensation from seeping in behind your panel. Wall panel trims also help create a seamless edge between your walls and ceiling for a perfect, professional finish. Adding wall panel trims for a seamless finish creates one smooth surface that is easy to clean.

Choosing the Right Size Wall Panel Trims

When looking at the right size wall panel trims to fit your wall panels, it is important to match the size to the wall panels you have selected. We stock a wide range of wall panel trims in a variety of lengths and widths to make sure you can find the perfect fit for your walls. Simply match the measurements to your wall panels, have them cut to size if they are not already the right length and install in your walls as you fit your wall and ceiling panels together. 

Choosing the Right Type of Wall Panel Trims

Something you will also need to consider is the layout of the room. This is something that will affect the length of wall panel trims you need as well as the type. If you have a number of different wall spaces slotted together, you may find that you need more corner wall panel trims whilst different wall types may benefit from different types of wall panel trim.

Wet Wall Trims

If you are looking for bathroom cladding trims that work to keep out any moisture that may occur in your wet room or bathroom, our range of wet wall trims is the perfect fit. Our wall panel trims work hard to seal your walls against any moisture leak to avoid damaging the surfaces that lie beneath. By using a combination of waterproof wall panels and wall panel trims, you can protect your bathroom walls against mould and other unpleasant side-effects of a damp environment.

Choosing a Wall Panel Trim to Match

As part of our collection of wall panel trims, we stock a range of colours to match your new panels perfectly. Whether you are looking for white, black or chrome wall panel trims, we have the wall panel accessory to match. Perfectly accent your walls with a stylish chrome wall panel trim or create a seamless join with white or black wall panel trims, the choice is yours.

Help from the Experts

If you are looking for guidance on the best wall panel trim for you, why not get in touch with the experts? Contact our team online or call  01952 291903 to find out what wall panel trims we offer and how we can help you create your dream walls.