rustic interiors

When it comes to creating stylish home looks, the ‘rustic’ look is one of the most popular around. With so many different nuances, there is a rustic look for everyone, from country kitchen rustic to the ultra-modern industrialist rustic home interior design. Here is our guide to creating a stylish rustic look in your home with the help of our fantastic range of wall and floor tiles.

Rustic Materials

One of the easiest ways to create a rustic look in your home is to start with the flooring. Rustic wooden flooring is a fantastic way to make your rustic bedroom or modern rustic living room pop with floors that suggest tranquillity and comfort. Our dark Barn Oak effect flooring is perfect for setting the tone in your home with its luxurious look and feel, giving the perfect rustic look whilst remaining durable and life-proof. Alternatively, our Norfolk Walnut effect flooring is perfect for an all-natural look ideal for pairing with cosy furnishings and key rustic items.

Light Rustic Tones for a Country Rustic Look

If you are looking for a more country-themed rustic look in your home, why not incorporate some of our lighter wood-look flooring into your rustic room design? Pair our fantastic Richmond Oak wood effect luxury vinyl flooring with key pieces such as light, shabby-chic furniture and perhaps our White Ash wall panels for a lighter take on the rustic interiors look. When pairing this with other rustic room ideas, think comfort. Warm throws, cosy furnishings and some-well placed items will complete your countryside rustic home interior whether you are designing a rustic bedroom or rustic living room that incorporates lighter tones.

Creating an Industrialised Look

Increasingly popular in recent years, the industrial look has charmed its way into everywhere from high-end designer to high-street outlets. Industrialised-themed rustic interiors are the perfect way to give your home a striking look with earthy materials and key pieces to complete the rustic aesthetic. Our stone effect luxury vinyl flooring is the perfect match to your rustic home interior with realistic stone effects in a variety of styles and an ultra hard-wearing nature perfect for placing your industrial-look furniture on without wearing. Choose from natural-looking slate stone flooring, Dorato stone effect flooring or one of our Pasadena stone or Glint Cement Nero stone flooring options for a truly industrialist rustic room design.

Don’t Forget the Walls

When designing your rustic house interior, walls can make or break a design. If you are looking for truly rustic-style walls but don’t want the added cost or hassle or replacing your existing walls with real stone walls or adding wooden boards, our wall panel options create realistic, natural-looking walls in a range of styles and colours to bring your rustic home design to life.

Rustic Stone Walls

If you are looking for show-stopping walls that match your decor, stone-look wall panels could be the ideal addition to your rustic room. Think concrete wall panels for a rustic look, offset by cosy decor. Or, for a modern rustic living room, kitchen space or any other room, choose a brick-look design that will transform your room immediately. Our subtle grey Neptune Anthracite brick effect wall panels are ideal for pairing with rustic wooden elements for an industrialised look whist our Motivo Modern Red brick effect wall panels warm up the tones slightly for a traditional rustic aesthetic in your home.

Whitewashed Wood for a Country Rustic Look

If you are looking to create a farmhouse-style living room, light colours are your friend. Our Motivo Modern Light Wood wall panels are ideal for carrying a light, farmhouse-style country aesthetic through your home without imposing on your space too much or making the room look smaller through darker colours. Pair this with natural light-wood furniture to create the perfect country-style kitchen, living or other space in your home.

Keep Your Palette Natural

When it comes to decorating your home, there is no right or wrong way, your home is a way to express who you are and choose decor that fits your personal tastes. When designing a rustic house interior, the key is to choose pieces that you like and that give you a sense of comfort and a homely feel. Warm, natural colours picked from nature are ideal for relaxing your space and creating that iconic rustic effect so when choosing colours for your rustic look, keep them as natural as you can. Brown woods, lime-washed walls, tans, greens and other rustic colours all work really well together to complete your rustic-look room.

Looking for Some Inspiration?

When it comes to wall, ceiling and floor panels, our team are experts. Whether you are looking for that perfect shade of dark wood for your floor or a white wood panel for your wall, we have a wide range of options to choose from and an expert team who can help bring your ideas to life.

Take a look at our luxury vinyl floor tile collection here, or our breath-taking range of wall panels here for more. Alternatively, get in touch with the team on 01952 291903 or contact us online to start your home interior journey.