wet room

If you are looking to modernise your bathroom space with an innovative design, or are simply looking for an access-friendly bathroom option for someone with reduced mobility, a wet room installation could be ideal. We talk you through what a wet room is, how it works and why it could be the perfect addition to your home.

What is a Wet Room?

A typical wet room is an open, waterproofed area with the shower sitting on the same level as the rest of the wet room floor. One of the biggest advantages of this is the ease of entering and exiting the shower area as well as the ease of cleaning that comes along with installing a wet room. Wet rooms tend to be sealed to avoid water leakage with many having a slight tilt to the floor to aid drainage or a panel introduced to separate the shower area from the rest of the wet room. Non-slip wet room flooring also ensures that although the area may collect moisture, the risk of slipping is minimal.

Is a Wet Room Expensive?

Whilst some work will need to be done to adapt your bathroom into a wet room, particularly if the room you are converting into a wet room was not originally a bathroom, creating a wet room need not break the bank. A properly fitted wet room may cost more than a cheaper option but will be a lot more successful. One of the benefits of installing a wet room in your home is that it can often add value to your home and give you a lot more options when it comes to design. The watertight nature of your wetroom will also avoid common bathroom issues such as damp and potential leaks making them ideal.

What is the Best Wet Room Flooring?

Although non-porous tiles are also a popular option for those creating a wet room, they can sometimes be slippy when wet and can chip and are not always suitable for families due to their nature. Vinyl floor tiles or luxury vinyl floor tiles are the perfect wet room flooring as they offer completely waterproof flooring for your wet room. Luxury vinyl floor tiles are also a fantastic option as many offer non-slip qualities as standard which is ideal for a wet and potentially slippy room. Vinyl floor tiles are ideal for creating a wet room for older people or those with mobility issues as they offer the ability to have a completely open space without the usual slip hazards of other materials.

How Do I Create a Wet Room?

A properly fitted wet room can be a fantastic addition to your home but it is imperative that it is done right during the installation stage. Below we have included some top tips for creating a wet room.

  1. Choose your wet room fittings carefully. Make sure you have thoroughly planned how your wet room will look and what will need doing to convert your bathroom into a wet room before you start. As mentioned in the previous section, vinyl floor tiles can be ideal as a wet room floor and come in a range of styles to fit your wet room choices.
  2. Unpack your wet room fittings and check carefully for any signs of damage or missing items.
  3. Turn off your water mains. This may seem obvious but it is imperative you turn off your water mains before you start work to avoid an extremely wet setup.
  4. Cut your flooring to fit the wet room area before you start.
  5. Leave your new wet room to dry for at least 24 hours before using.

When planning your wet room it is important that you work out exactly how much space everything in your wet room will need and where you plan on placing fittings. Wet rooms make brilliant use of space and can really open out a bathroom and offer a huge range of design opportunities. Features such as underfloor heating can add a luxury touch whilst modern fittings can really give your wet room a luxe, spa-like feel.

Looking for the Perfect Wet Room Flooring?

If you are looking for the perfect wet room flooring to bring your project to life, our wide range of luxury vinyl flooring could be your perfect fit. We supply a huge variety of styles and finishes from stylish slate flooring to stone effect vinyl flooring to add some style to your new wet room space. Why not take a look at our full, water-safe wet room vinyl flooring here.