slate effect luxury vinyl flooring

If you are looking for a durable yet stylish way to transform your home, luxury vinyl flooring could be the solution. Here’s why vinyl flooring is the ideal addition to your home and how it can help transform any home from dated to dreamy in just a few clicks.

slate effect luxury vinyl flooring

Give a Classic Finish With Luxury Wood Effect Vinyl Flooring

Dreaming of luxurious wooden floors to give your living space a classic touch but don’t have the time, energy or large budget? Our realistic wood-effect luxury vinyl flooring is the perfect solution. Upgrade your living room or bedroom with classic Norfolk Walnut wood effect vinyl flooring or Marsh wood effect luxury vinyl flooring. Alternatively, modernise your home with the striking dark effect of Barn Oak wood effect vinyl flooring.

Transform Your Kitchen With Stone Effect Luxury Vinyl

Stone floors can completely transform a kitchen space and give a fresh look to rooms in need of a refresh. If you are looking for stone effect luxury vinyl flooring to upgrade your kitchen or home space, our luxury vinyl floor tiles offer a non-slip fuss-free way to modernise your living space whilst ensuring complete practicality and durability. Choose from striking Venetian Ice stone effect vinyl or sophisticated Frisco stone effect luxury vinyl for a stylish way to transform your home, without the excessive price tag and difficult installation. If you are looking for the ultimate way to give your home a modern look, our Ocean Slate effect luxury vinyl flooring sets the tone with no risk of warping or swelling when coming into contact with water.

Avoid Mess with Waterproof Luxury Vinyl Flooring

If you are in search of a luxury flooring solution for your home, luxury vinyl floor tiles are ideal. Enjoy stylish wooden floors without worrying about damage from damp or water spillage. Non-slip stone-effect flooring also offers the perfect solution for often-muddy porches or hallways, offering complete water protection. Your bathroom will also benefit from the style of wooden or stone-effect flooring, without any worry of rotting from moisture exposure.

Less Noise With Silent Underlay

Find your silent haven without the loud clattering of floorboards and stone tiles. If you are sensitive to noise in your home, silent underlay can help cushion your luxury vinyl flooring to muffle any noise made from people walking across the surface. Silent underlay under your vinyl flooring will also reduce any sound transference to the rooms below as well as muffling noise such as televisions, talking and furniture moving.

Open Up Your Living Space with Clever Flooring

If you are looking for a way to open up smaller living spaces, choosing light colours can help create the illusion of more space in your room. Choose from our range of light wood effect vinyl flooring or light-coloured stone effect vinyl flooring to bring light into your home. Our Clever Click Richmond Oak effect luxury vinyl flooring gives a stylish look to any living space whilst the Burbank Tiles stone effect flooring gives a more subtle yet light look.

With our 20-year residential flooring guarantee, you can transform your home with luxury vinyl flooring, knowing it will stand the test of time. Our luxury vinyl flooring is completely suitable for underfloor heating and with its rapid installation, without glue or adhesives, it is the ideal flooring solution for any living space.

Take a look at our fantastic collection of luxury vinyl flooring here to see how you could transform your home now. Need some extra help in getting started? Get in touch on 01952 291903 to talk to one of our team.