A commercial bathroom is an impactful force on how your customers, clients or workforce perceive your business.

The aesthetics, functionality and cleanliness of your public restrooms are all hugely influential on the first impressions of your premises as a whole and should, therefore, be a prioritised matter when remodelling or just generally maintaining your commercial toilets.

There are a handful of easy fixes and modifications that you can make to your commercial bathroom designs that will help to create a sophisticated, relaxing and hygienic bathroom space for your employees, customers or the general public.


Your first step to creating a capable and functioning commercial bathroom is an attentive design. You should design the floor-plan and layout of your bathroom from a pragmatic point of view, first and foremost, and then the aesthetics should follow.

A practical design ensures that your public bathroom is easily accessible by all.

A cooperative bathroom remodel is imperative for keeping a steady flow of traffic and having ample toilets per number of people in the building, but it is essential for ensuring that any customer can use your restroom with dignity regardless of age, size or disability and they must be able to navigate your commercial bathroom without trouble.


The aesthetics of your restroom is a bonus for the users; the most crucial aspect of a welcoming public toilet is its cleanliness. Without excellent hygiene, pretty design is worthless.

Of course, your bathroom will need regular cleaning and consistent inspections throughout the day. However, there are a few ways to make this job much more manageable.

First of all, consider an easy-clean design.

“What is this?” I hear you ask… an easy to clean toilet design consists of; easy to wipe surfaces – bathroom wall panels are an excellent example of such surface – minimising grout usage through the use of waterproof bathroom panels and plastic wall panels, which also eliminate the chance of mould and using minimalistic using minimalist commercial bathroom fixtures and wall mounted units.


Keeping your public bathroom well stocked is just as important as your bathroom remodel ideas. Nobody wants to be caught short without toilet roll when they visit the bathroom, nor do you want to encourage the spreading of germs by not providing enough hand wash or hand sanitiser for your guests.

To give your guests the most pleasant experience possible when using your commercial toilets, as a minimum you should consistently check stock levels for toilet roll, hand wash, air fresheners and hand drying tissues, and replenish as and when needed.


Keeping the decor of your bathroom bright and airy will not only make your toilet design a welcoming space, but it will also eradicate the need for strong lighting that might be too harsh for users, but extra bright or strong lights will also increase your running costs. You can achieve a bright interior through the use of white appliances, fixtures and fittings, and even by choosing lightly coloured waterproof wall panels and bathroom ceilings panels, such as white, cream or light grey, for example.

Utilising mirrors throughout your commercial toilet space will also naturally brighten the restroom, but they will also create an illusion to help make small toilet designs look far more spacious than what they are.


Clinically bright white light is often too harsh, in particular when used in a commercial bathroom that might feature many mirrors around the restroom. If you keep your bathroom interior nice and light, your bathroom remodels will only require soft, yellow-toned lighting which will also help to create a calming and relaxed atmosphere in your public bathroom. As aforementioned, using more delicate, natural lighting fixtures in your bathroom remodel will also help to reduce the running costs of your commercial bathroom.

These tips are just a few small things you can do to maximise the functionality, practicality and design of your commercial toilets when carrying out a bathroom remodel.

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