slate wall panels

Whilst many indoor wall trends have come and gone, slate wall panels seem here to stay, with a selection of fantastic finishes, slate stone panels can create a dramatic look for any living space in your home and take your home right into the future in fantastic style. Our range of slate wall panels is perfect for any home, allowing you to get the look you want without having to move home or completely change the makeup of your home.

Why Choose Slate Wall Panels?

 Slate Wall Panels are a versatile yet stylish addition to your home and can help add the finishing touch to any style space. Grey slate wall panelling channels the energy of the great outdoors with an authentic finish and a one-of-a-kind style. The exposed stone look can give your home a classic look whilst bringing it right up to the present with faux slate wall panels giving a stark contrast to a range of complementary materials.

Where Can I Use Slate Wall Panels?

Our Slate Wall Panels are designed for use in a variety of different spaces so can be used across your home to channel your inspiration and reflect a one-of-a-kind style. A popular location for our faux slate wall panels is in the bathroom where the cool greys of the slate compliment well the stark whites of bathroom fittings for a stylish Scandi-effect. Slate walls in your bathroom ooze luxury and add a touch of pampering to your space.

Alternatively, if you are looking for something to really make your living space stand out, slate wall panels are the perfect addition to living rooms or other living spaces where you want to make a statement with your design. Mix slate walls with classic painted walls for variety or go bold with full slate wall panels and cosy furnishings.

Practical yet Stylish

Whilst the benefits of using wall panels in your home are well known, using slate wall panels in the place of other methods is the perfect way to get the effect you are looking for without having to remodel your home. These slate wall panels are particularly useful for those who dream about the exposed stone-effect wall but do not have the ability to make this an addition to their home. Using slate wall panels also gives a degree of flexibility in design and cost, allowing you to change the appearance of any room in your home with ease. With low upkeep needed and full waterproof abilities, our slate wall panels can be used in any room in your house without the need for costly repairs, constant cleaning or any other issues that commonly come along with using other types of materials.

Looking for luxury slate wall panels? Take a look at our range of slate wall panels to see how you could transform your home and make sure to get in touch with our team if you have any questions.