Interior wall paneling is rapidly growing in popularity. When looking for bathroom redesign ideas, waterproof wall panels are perfect seeing as they are so easy to install and clean. Decorative pvc panels are also becoming popular when it comes to kitchen décor trends because they are available in so many stylish designs. But enough about popular uses for wall panels! If you’re a creative design maverick, you’ll no doubt be very interested to discover some of the much more unconventional uses for decorative wall panels. Here are some alternative, more unusual wall paneling ideas that you can use as home redesign inspiration in your own unique & special way.


Rather than using a conventional headboard, consider using wall panelling to transform the entire wall behind your bed into one large accent headboard. By using faux wood panels or brick effect panelling and extending it all the way up to the ceiling, you can give the illusion of a large, modern, and stylish headboard for your bed – rather than simply a feature wall. Use a contrasting colour in the rest of the room to draw even more attention to the decorative wall board area.

Wall panel headboard bed


Have you ever considered installing decorative interior wall panelling behind an open bookcase or modern shelving? Whether you see it as accessorising your panelled wall with a book case, or accessorising your bookcase with wall panels, this combination is quirky yet sophisticated. There’s something so charming about catching a glimpse of a panelled wall through the shelves of a bookcase!

Wall panel bookcase


Using wall panels for bathrooms and in kitchens is a rapidly growing trend, but for some reason it is still fairly unconventional to use them in other areas of the house. We’re not sure why! Wall paneling is so easy to install that it would be perfect for an entrance hall redesign. If you’re looking for interior design ideas for stairs, 3D wall panels can come in handy here too – how about a faux brick panels feature wall for your staircase?

brick feature wall stairs


Waiting rooms seem to have a reputation for being dirty, dingy, and generally unpleasant places to be. But, with modern wall paneling, this can all change. As they are so simple and easy to clean, decorative panels are a much more hygienic option for the waiting room of a doctors’ or dentists’ surgery. Imagine how much more pleasant it would be to sit in a modern, super clean, light and airy waiting room… Ultra-hygienic, waterproof wall panels are the way of the future!

waiting room feature wall


Using wall panels on the ceiling!? Trust us, it’s really not as mad as it sounds! We have a great range of stylish ceiling panels for a more conventional black or white style, but if you fancy switching it up a bit, wall or floor paneling will also do the trick. Try wood floor paneling on your ceiling to add a cosy, intimate feel to a bedroom, or even marble panels for a luxurious bathroom ceiling design!

wall floor panels on ceiling


Modern offices and meeting rooms tend to be a little plain when it comes to interior design. If you’re a business owner looking for office renovation ideas, why not make your workspace more contemporary? Using feature wall panels, like this Italian Style White Wood Wall Paneling, can add more interest to any space. And a more interesting, dynamic workspace leads to more enthusiastic employees! Not to mention, your office will stay spick and span thanks to the easily cleanable nature of upvc wall panels.

wooden paneling office wall


When adding wall panneling to a room, we often think of installing it in the conventional way – vertically. You may be surprised to find out that installing your wall paneling design in a different direction can actually look really great! Try adding your panel boards horizontally, or even using alternative directions to create a contemporary geometric wall design.

wall panels horizontal geometric pattern


When someone says ‘feature wall’, many of us think of one wall in a room accentuated by a particularly bright shade of paint. But let’s not limit ourselves! Feature walls can be created from any material, colour, or texture. One top trend interior design trend for 2018 is to bring nature indoors in the form of natural stone. Natural stone textures can make a particularly beautiful option for a classy feature wall. However, real stone walls are costly and frustrating to install. Interior stone wall cladding creates the same sophisticated look in an easier and cost-effective way. You could try polished stone wall panelsmatt beige stone wall panels, or even grey brick effect wall panels for your feature wall – there are so many options to choose from!

stone wall panel feature wall

We hope to have opened your eyes about the many wonderful uses of wall panels in both homes and businesses! You can browse our full range of wall, ceiling, and floor panels here. See our wall panel fitting guide for any questions you may have about wall panel installation – and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further queries or requests, we are always happy to help!